Reservations and modes of Payment

Booking for the study or treatment course: If you like to undergo Pancha Karma treatment at PDI, it is advisable to book at least 1 week in advance. For booking therapies, correspondence should be sent to PDI. An advance booking fee (at least 30% of the total cost) is to be paid before the treatment and the remaining sum on reaching before the commencement of the treatment or study package.

Bank Details Prakash Deep Institute (PDI)

Money can be deposit either directly or through cheque in favour of:
Holistic Ayurveda Private Limited

Company Address: A-1, 173A Janak Puri, New Delhi
(PDI is a part of Holistic Ayurveda Private Limited)

Account No.: CBCA01000019
Swift code/ BIC Code: CORPINBB373
Name of the Bank: CORPORATION BANK
Address of the Bank: BIKAJI CAMA PLACE, NEW DELHI 110066