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Our Vision
Vedic vision is that man has got powers to heal himself and we at PDI can help man to discover his hidden powers by Educating the Art of Life - a complete life style guidance. This is not just to improve the health of the individual but also to create a positive influence on the health of the society as a whole as the positive healthy behaviour of each individual combines to produce a disease free society.

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Yoga Teacher Training Course 200 hrs


Purpose of the Teacher Training Program
Once you experience the Ananda (Divine peace), you never forget it forever. You can carry that peace in all time, situations and conditions of your life and your life is completely different, you would be the happiest person in the world. The training and courses of this ancient tradition of India will help you to explore yourself, it introduces you to yourself on all levels and finally leads you to Samadhi(centre of consciousness). After that you achieve a state and learn how to share the knowledge to others you can be a mean to bring peace in the world. You will not be a simple yoga teacher and out purpose not only to make a yoga teacher but to make a messanger of love and knowledge of the great Rishis of the Himalayas. Not only the Samadhi but it will make you socially, financially, emotionally strong and prosperous.

Transformational Rishi Yoga is the way of training to transform our whole being into Divine. The practices of Transformational Rishi yoga has the great ability to change our personality and behaviour and transform our habit pattern and finally it leads to a harmony and balanced life. When our personality is balanced then the the man can enter to his deeper level of consciousness without any disturbances. Yoga sutras is talking about the 9 antarayas, 9 disturbances that should be eliminated first though the Rishi yoga practices and then the practices itself will lead to the self realization. That is the final aim of our sadhana. The practices will help us to be healthy, happy, and a better citizen in the society. It helps to be prosper, self realient, self sufficient,self discipline, humble, truthful, brave, couragious, strong physically and mentally, and so on. Just practicing those sadhana regularly one will feel the heavenly or godly life where there is no tension and stress. It does not mean that stress will not come. They are the friend of human being until we die but the Rishi yoga sadhana will give you the ability to handle it.

200 hrs YTT Dates Rishikesh 2013 - 2014


1st of April 2013 to 28th of April 2013

Regular Price $1350 - Early bird price $1200 Early Bird Discount* $150 (book before 2nd of February 2013) Open for admission

2nd of September 2013 to 28th of September 2013

Regular Price $1350 - Early bird price $1200 Early Bird Discount* $150 (book before 2nd of July 2013) Open for admission

7th of October 2013 to 3rd of November 2013

Regular Price $1350 - Early bird price $1200 Early Bird Discount* $150 (book before 7th of August 2013) Open for admission

PDI Ayurveda - Film
Dr. Anil K. Mehta and the Ayurvedic Healthcenter in the Netherlands (AGN), European Institute of Scientific Research on Ayurveda (EISRA) and Prakash Deep Institute of Ayurvedic Sciences (PDI, India).

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